About this Event

Crete Street GALA is the re-opening event for Beenleigh Theatre Group and the Upgraded Crete Street Theatre. It is a combination of a 'Variety Night' type event, along with your youth program, Crete Street Studio's, showcases.


The Gala aspect of this event will contain short performances from BTG members past and present, performing anything from Musical Theatre to Magic.

CSS Showcases

The CSS showcases aspect of this event will contain 5-20 minutes of performances by each class in our program. These students have been working very hard, and have had to deal with MANY date changes, and are now super excited to get on stage and perform in front of an audience! 

Musical Theatre classes will be showcasing what they've learnt, performing some Musical Theatre favourites as well as some mini scenes.

Acting classes will be showcasing their skills through adapted short plays

Speech and Drama classes are doing Eisteddfod style performances

This is a great oppurtunity for our kids to have some practice and show off their skills.