"So, you're NEVER going to believe me. No on in their right mind could ever possibly believe me. But what I'm about to tell you is true."

When an overworked mother and her teenage daughter magically swap bodies, they have just 24 hours before Mom’s big wedding to put things right again. Freaky Friday, a new musical comedy based on the celebrated novel by Mary Rodgers and the hit Disney films, is an hilarious, contemporary update of the classic story, in which a mother and daughter see what it means to be a family while experiencing each other’s lives first-hand, if only for a day.

Set in the present day, Freaky Friday features a tuneful pop-rock score, befitting a work that has effortlessly updated throughout its several iterations. Warmhearted, humorous and touching, this fresh take on the classic story is perfect for family audiences of all ages.


June 17th - July 2nd

Production Team

Director - Sherryl-lee Secomb

Musical Director - Steven Days

Choreographer - Clay English

Cast Announcement