All done!

The 2019 Beenleigh Festival of One-Act Plays has now finished.

Thank you to all who participated and we hope that everybody enjoyed themselves and saw some great productions. Be sure to come back next year for another Festival of One-Act Plays.

Our festival runs every year out of the Crete St Theatre venue and sits about mid-way in a circuit of similar festivals throughout South East Queensland.


These festivals give playwrights an opportunity to present new work, actors opportunity to meet new challenges, and budding directors the opportunity to flex their muscle in the demanding role of live theatre.


Again we look forward to seeing the works of new playwrights which the festival circuit attracts every year. The festival attracts many visitors to our fair city because it is held in high esteem as a top-rated artistic event.

Festival Dates for 2019 are: August 2, 3 and 4th

Entry to the festival can be purchased at the theatre. 


7 pm Friday 2nd August - 10 minute Plays

Rodney: Barefeet Drama Club (Comedy - G) 

Man's Best Friend: ROAR Performing Arts (Comedy - PG) 

Remember Me: Strike TLC (Drama - M)

Syncing Ship: Victoria Posner Independent Ensemble (Comedy - M) 

Dust: Beenleigh Theatre Group (Comedy - PG) 

Fugue Dei Passegeiri: Miranda's Dressing Room (Comedy - G) 

Loving You: Ipswich Little Theatre (Drama - PG) 

Clear Glass Marbles: Downstage Theatre (Drama - PG) 


Remarkable: Barefeet Drama Club (Youth) (Comedy - G) 


8:30 am Saturday 3rd August 

Together Forever: Mousetrap (Youth)  (Drama - G) 

Revolting Rhymes: ROAR Academy (Youth) (Comedy - G) 

Am I Your Dream?: Moreton Bay Youth Theatre (Youth)  (Drama - G) 

And Then There Was One: ROAR Academy (Youth) (Comedy - G) 

Nursery Crimes Four and Twenty: Dramaworks (Youth) (Comedy - G) 

1 pm Saturday 3rd August 

Excerpt from Importance of Being Earnest: ROAR Academy (Youth) (Comedy - G) 

One Idiot, Two Thugs and Cement: Dramaworks (Youth) (Farce - G) 

Like a Metaphor: ROAR Academy (Youth) (Drama - PG)

Lockdown: Moreton Bay Youth Theatre (Youth)  (Drama - PG) 

Last Letter of Captain Moonlite: Moonlight Ensemble (Drama - M) 

6:30 pm Saturday 3rd August 

The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly: Rivermount (Youth)  (Dramedy - G) 

Children of the Black Skirt: Strike TLC (Youth) (Gothic Drama - PG) 

Fuel Light: Wallflower (Drama - MA) 

Bubbles: Ipswich Little Theatre (Drama - PG) 

As You Were: Wallflower (Drama - M) 

8:30 am Sunday 4th August 

I Hate Hedda: Dramaworks  (Dark Comedy - PG) 

The Art of Being a Woman: Adversity Theatre (Comedy - M) 

Bad Auditions by Bad Actors: Dramaworks (Comedy - G) 

Obsession: Adversity Theatre (Drama - M)

1:30 pm Sunday 4th August 

Zeroes: Excalibur Theatre (Farce - MA+) 

Defcon Rising: Plays from the Cave (Drama - M) 

The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish: Act One Theatre (Drama - MA) 

Caught in the Act: Downstage Theatre (Comedy - M)



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